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At Ayurveda 4 Self-Healing we only use natural organic materials and pride ourselves on the quality of our products or your money back...Namaste- Ayur Jharu De-tox Tea- Essential Therapeutic Oils- Alka Life (H2O pH balancer)- Holistic Skin & Body care- Ayurveda Agabatti (incense)- Chakrawear- G & Gwear (Gods & Goddesses designs)- Reverse Aging Books (spanish/english)- Children's Health Food Books- ADD/ADHD Tutoring- Ayurveda Art-
 Om Yoga Travel services)Young Living Essential Oils (click here)   (use reference id# 821632)

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“I just came back from a business trip and my system was in need of organic cleansing herbs.  Thank you!”
Coco, House of Romance
New York, NY
G & Gwear: Ganesh
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